Top to the morning to ya,
I am a nobody.

i just wanted to say i saw a cute guy at work today. he was nice to me in his fourties, and sang nobody knows it but me by baby face TO ME and he had a nice voice. like damn bro teach me ur ways..he also asked me to drink with him too so many times LOL. hahahhahah  i love work but damn i felt bad for room six cuhs it was like a freezer in there even though i kept trying to make it cool damn lol he was super sweet

yo what up, i’m a ghost

You were:

William Shakespeare

You were the great English poet, playwright and actor. You are still considered the greatest writer in the English language and the world’s pre-eminent dramatist. There’s no one on the Earth that hasn’t heard your name or read one of your works.


You’re exceptionally social, friendly, and outgoing, yet you have the brains on top of all of that. You’re sharp, witty, and outstanding with people. You make smiles happen on a regular basis. A mention of your name conjures up all the good times friends have spent with you. You’re giggles and laughter are uniquely you. Your friends believe every moment spent with you is an insanely happy one.

type of person i am


You are in love with happiness and nature. You want every one to have a joyful and fulfilling life. You enjoy peace and serenity but are also exceptionally adventurous and overall jazzed about life!


Your emotional intelligence score is between 80 and 90. You’re remarkably analytical and sharp but don’t seem to care much about social life.

Best guess for your age is:


San Diego

You are pleasantly laid-back and you seem to have #SoCal blood in you. San Diego is your lovely home.

Isn’t expensive there? I’m a broke asss chigga.

Naturally, your life is composed of being happy, loving, and chasing your passion. You tend to never get tired of the thrilling adventures of your life. You stay bright and upbeat even when things suck. You’ve been audacious and rightfully, your life is full of spontaneity. Sometimes it can make some people a bit jealous. But that doesn’t bother you at all. You’ve always kept your cool and ignored all the haters, because after all, life’s too short to be anything but happy!

Im a broke asssss bitchhhh bitchh bitchhh

ahhhhh FUHHH


girls who get their winged eyeliner perfect the first time ain’t no girls you wanna fuck with

are you saying you wanna or can fuck with girls who can’t get it right the first time…..

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Pancake Poppers


Pancake Poppers

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can I just live in this game?

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